Saturday, June 30, 2007

A treat

Guess what, after my 12 hour nap and 5 AM blog this morning I went back to sleep until 9:45 AM LOL it was awesome! I felt great! and then I took a nap from 4-6. Oh yeah maybe I should mention that I am so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open...I can't wait till I am not so tired!

I just realized that tomorrow will be one week since my last recorded weigh in so I guess I step on that scale tomorrow. I don't expect to see a loss. Not a great week, and I actually think I was really lucky last week when I saw that 134 so maybe a little more tomorrow. I am not sure how weigh in got moved to sunday, but i think its because I decided last week to start fresh on Sunday.

it would be awesome to see a loss, but that would be a miracle.

I just want to reach 130 by the time I go visit my dad in August. The deal when I started my diet was that I would get a new wardrobe when I reached 130. He told me now that he is so proud of me that It doesn't matter if I don't lose anymore weight, but I really want to earn it.

Today I ate all my cals by like 4 (Part of the reason I took a nap) but I stuck with it and haven't ate anything since so hopefully things weren't so bad. Kind of proud of myself for sticking with it because I wasn't going to. I was going to go get another bow of cereal, but I decided I wasn't going to no matter how bad I wanted one...Is anyone else sensing progress??

Well I read a lot of blogs today and you girls are doing soooo Great!!!!

Ok heres a treat for you girls.

(ok not a treat for anyone but me, but thought maybe you guys would enjoy them)

Heres a video of my nephew dancing to Toby keith and the one after that is my nephew playing a game I taught him :)

ain't he a cutie??

I am SKINNY hear me....meow

That was for
sorry I just couldn't roar, but I did try!!!

For those of you wondering about my TOBY pics, Those were the ones that I took a couple weeks ago in NYC. I have to watermark them now because someone once stole a couple concert pictures and claimed they were theirs. It really offended me. Don't mess with my toby! lol This one I did not take, obviously, but I LOVE it.

Ok onto my real post. Today I did well. I can honestly tell you that I wouldn't have, but I slept through dinner. Thas right. I laid down at 5 pm to take a nap, ad I just woke up. Do you know what time it is? Its 5 :13 Am...yeah a 12 hour nap. I am actually still a little tired. I could probably go back to sleep, but I figured this gave me a chance to catch up on everyones blogs! The only thing that stinks is that I am starving right now andI don't wantto eat this early, because then I really will ruin my day!! Maybe I shuld just go back to sleep. Its starting to get light out now so I probably won't be able to.

I love raisins, and wheer I buy them I end up eating way too many. I use to hate raisins, and I i use to think they were gross so I don't know why I like the now! I try to buy the little boxes of them, but then I end up eating all the little boxes. I a only mentioning this because I did that yesturday. I am not doing that anymore.

wow I am feeling pretty tired, maybe I will go back to sleep....

Thursday, June 28, 2007

my "friend"

Ok when I reached the 50 or 60 pound mark back in December I stopped gettng my period. No sign of it whatsoever. I am not going to lie. I kind of enjoyed that. Who wouldn't?? well around 2 am my friend decided to come back. I am actually dissapointed because this time next month I have a small 3 day trip planned (Toby concerts :) ) and I wasn't planning on cramps and bloating during my first concerts of the season!! That makes me sad!!
I need a little Toby to cheer me up

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ok all better...wait I need one more...

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ok for real...I am ok now :)

I hurt myself today. I picked up my 5 yr old nephew while playing with him. I forgot I was recovering from surgery. Now my abdomin is killing me.

I did pretty good with eating right today. Hate to brag, but I did awesome! I did not meet my goal of not eating in front of the tv. You see I made my lunch and went to eat at thhe table but my grandma and aunt were gossiping about the neighbor. That really annoys me. Now I LOve gossip. Give me a good gossip magazine and I will read it from front to back. For some reason when my grandma gossips it annoys me. I hate hearing her blame our neighbors demotion on "the bottle" First of all she doesn't know that he got demoted, she has not spoken to him. and Two...She has no proof that he drinks lol. But thats gossip for ya. Anyways I brought my food into the other room and atewhile watching an ER rerun.

I have to eat a big breakfest tomorrow because i am going to be in the court room tomorrow. When ever I am in the court room my stomach growls. Otherwise my stomach NEVER growls lol. Going to court is one of my fav things about this internship though so I am excited!! Besides am kind of attached to the kid going and I feel really involved in her case.

Well I think I am off to bed, I am still sooo exhausted!

Thanks for the wonderful comments on my birthday pictures. They really made me feel good. A couple of you even used the word "skinny" haha

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Yesturday was a GREAT day!! Thank you for your wonderful Birthday greetings!!

I just did way too much and over did myself too soon after surgery. I interned until noon and then I went to the mall, right after that I went to the movies, then golfing, then bowling. About half way through bowling I got so tired and I couldn't stay away so we left after the game we were on. I woke up this morning still exhausted, so I couldn't intern, I couldn't even move. I spent today sleeping. seriously and I am still tired.

Eating wise yesturday was great. Today not so great. I think Maybe I am going to try and set some new goals. I want to drink at least 64 oz of water a day. I use to drink 120 oz no fail, but i have slacked so much! I am also going to try and not eat in front of the TV, thats going to be the toughest. I want to set up a section for my progression pics again, but I'll figure that out later.

still so tired :( Hopefuly after tonight I will be well rested.

I am going to say again how happy I am to have you all here!!! :)

Heress some pics from my birthday.

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I am only posting them because in comparison to last year they re some pretty good pics!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


are you guys, are you implying my weightloss is because i am missing my galbladder? lol was filled with "Tons" of tiny stones. well today might be a little tough because i ALWAYS eat cake on June 26th... :( Not to mention I woke up with super low self esteem this morning, so its time to whip out the photo album from my 21st birthday last year. That shoulld make me feel better.

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exactly one year ago- 225 pounds

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A couple weeks ago

there. I feel a little better.

alright, I'll do an actualy blog later. I just needed to cheer myself up to get my day started today!

Monday, June 25, 2007


whoa...I think I am the last one to join, so now I am going through and trying to add you all one by one, but if i miss ya leave me a comment. Its a slow process for me. I added a bunch but accidently forgot to save them so now its like starting over :(

Hello World!...Again

I believe it is very sad what happened, but all of us weightwatchen buddies have to stick together. Even though it has only been a day or two I feel lost without the support you all give me!!

On Sunday I decided to get back on track. Start fresh after my few days on "not caring" after my surgery. I stepped on the scale expecting a gain, and what did i see 134.4 the lowest I have ever been!! Not a gain, a LOSS! I could not wait to share the news with you all!!!! I eagerly jumped on the computer and typed in the familiar URL. I got the message that the site was down. No harm I would tell you later. and then I came back every hour throghout the day until I got the very sad message that the site was gone :(

Thanks to Swizzlepop for that e-mail about her new blog, because it encouraged me to start this one and and look for more of the community. I'll be posting here until we get our community back. I felt so lost not being able to blog yesturday. I feel so bad for Roni who had put so much into her site and inspired so many of us!!

Good Luck everyone! I can not wait to hear from you again!!!