Thursday, December 13, 2007

College Graduate

Ok I am kinda a college graduate now, and with the work load gone right now i am back to blogger. Sorry everyone I had to take a break on blogging because working two jobs ang going to school was very stressful and I actually had to cut A LOT out of my life. but hopefully i can get back to normal. I have maintained my weight but I still want to lose 10 pounds more and tone up. With school being out i am hoping to be able to exercise more, and finally use that ab lounge i bought. I am working on my last final right now but i think imight take a break and use my ab alounge and finish the test when I get home from work. and i think eerytime i feel unmotivated i am gonna watch biggest loser, because i can not watch that show and not work out. haha I took pictures of my stomach and i want to tone up before summer. I obviously will never have a flat tummy, ave too much extra skin, but i know i can reduce the flabbieness! I would also like to be a little stronger. I want to focus on my goals now because i feel like i finally can without having to work on school work. School work is the worst I always want to eat when studying!! I still have my binging problem, like todat i binged, but i am still only at 1600 calories. I think that is ok, not too bad. i shoot for 1400. Here is a recent pic of me.

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