Monday, December 24, 2007

Plan for the new year

As a way to motivate myself I have been looking at weight loss websites like I once did at the beginning of my journey. I may be at my goal weight but there are a few things I would def like to touch up. I want to tone up and make healthier choices as a whole. One goal of mine is to recognize hunger, and stop binging, I know thats going to be the hardest. Last year I was veyr strict around the holidays cause i still had about 40 pounds to lose, but this year since i am at my original goal weight of 130 I believe that i will let myself eat what is ont he table without going out of control.

I want to set up a list of daily things i would like to accomplish as the new year starts.

1400 calories a day
weigh myself once every two weeks
Abdominal exercises
Cardio exercises ( I work two jobs, so just fitting it in will be difficult)

A few tips I have made for myself is to have the healthy choices available to myself, cause when i don't stock up or bring a snack along, thats when I usually get out of hand with my eating and start binging. I want to restrcit myself from cereal and crackers.

I just want to feel better pretty much. I feel so blah all the time, but i want to feel happier, and healthier. I finally have what I have always wanted, A boyfriend who i love, best friends who support me, a college degree, and a job i love, so I want to feel great too.

This working two jobs thing is getting old though. 75 hours a week is rough. I ams o tired. I have been working since 930 this morning and its 830pm now and I don't get off until 11. Then I have to come back in the morning (christmas day) and work 8-3... these next couple weeks will be busy because of the holidays but i hope to cut down to 50hours a week between the two jobs after that.

well i hope everyone has a great day with their families tomorrow

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Swizzlepop said...

Sounds like you have a great plan. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed yourself.
Just a suggestion but from you last few posts it sounds like you could maybe use some professional help to get you through this funk. Have you ever considered seeing a therapist? IMO it sounds like you may have some mild depression or something similar and talking with an unbiased person may not only help you but they can give you the tools to continue to cope when you start to feel down. Just a thought, because like you said, you have everything you wanted yet you're still not happy and you deserve to be happy!
Hang in there and great job on making a plan for the holiday meals and next year. :)