Friday, December 28, 2007

Daily Menu

I am going to post it today. I don't usually. and the reason for that is I usually go so far off track that i lose track :p. Its only 7 right now but i won't be eating anything else today. Ia mw orking till 11 and as soon as I get home I am hitting my bed because I have to work at 8 am. I was sick today and ended up having 8 cough drops and yes I counted the calories in those.

Cough Drops...40
Large/med apple.100
Dried Pineapple.560
small apple.....60
pizza bites.....275

that is really good. Right on Target. Seems a little off though. I feel like i am forgetting something I am just not sure what. hmmmm maybe i will think of it later. I am so tired, and so sick of working 2 jobs. I wish I could get gaurenteed hours at one fo my jobs so I wouldn't have to work both. I am going to take a civil service exam in feb so maybe some job opportunities will open up then....I hope so

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Swizzlepop said...

Great job on all the fruit but you may want to add soem more protein in your day to help hold you over longer and help you build muscle when you work out.